SWMW Law ‘Steps Up’ for Clients During American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb

Fight for Air Climb

SWMW Law’s commitment to its clients reached new heights Saturday as attorneys and staff members conquered the tallest building in St. Louis during the American Lung Association’s (ALA) Fight for Air Climb.

The ALA’s signature fundraising event, Fight for Air Climb invited participants to climb the 900-plus steps of One Metropolitan Square in Downtown St. Louis to raise money and awareness for the millions of individuals battling lung disease and literally fighting for air. The theme for Team SWMW Law, “Climbing for our Clients,” showcased the firm’s motivation for participating in this annual event.

“A majority of our clients are affected by lung disease caused by asbestos exposure,” said Partner Sophie Zavaglia, who spearheaded the firm’s participation in the event. “They were denied the right to clean air and suffer immensely as a result. Their inability to breathe is a terrifying and painful experience, and it’s important for us to have that perspective, honor their struggles, and show our support.”

Zavaglia joined 11 others in climbing 42 flights of stairs on behalf of SWMW Law, including Partner Stephanie Gold, Lauren Lohman, Joe Jordan, Associate Kyle Krause, Associate Nathan Livingston, Stacy Berding, Associate Jonathon Forbes, Courtney Gass, Allison Storr, Associate Emma Sikora Paulus, and Associate Caitlynne Dixon.

Team SWMW Law also had the honor of being named the top fundraisers in St. Louis this year, raising $6,288.70 to help save lives and raise awareness for the vital work of the ALA.

“Our attorneys and staff really stepped up for our clients and the community at-large in a big way,” Zavaglia said. “Their dedication and enthusiasm in making sure our clients know we have their backs both in and out of the courtroom is inspiring, and I’m incredibly proud to be a part of this team. We’re already looking forward to next year’s event and hope other firms and businesses lace up their shoes and join us.”

The ALA estimates $210,000 was raised at Saturday’s climb, one of several similar events hosted across the country every year.