Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos Exposure 

How & Where You May Have Been Exposed to Asbestos 

From the turn of the 20th Century until the 1980s, just about every home, school, and workplace in every city, town, and rural area contained some sort of asbestos material. Families, children, employees, and others were exposed to this harmful material despite the known dangers of asbestos, and many of these people have since developed adverse, asbestos-related health conditions. 

At SWMW Law, we can work with you to help identify how and where you may have been exposed to asbestos, whether it was your past workplace, the schools where you learned, or even your family’s home. Pinpointing the source of asbestos exposure is critical to the success of your asbestos exposure or mesothelioma lawsuit; allow our experienced attorneys to help you gather the evidence you need to seek fair compensation for your losses.

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What Are the Common Symptoms of Asbestos Exposure?

Exposure to asbestos can lead to various symptoms, depending on the duration and intensity of exposure, as well as individual susceptibility. Here are some common symptoms associated with asbestos exposure:

  • Respiratory Issues: Asbestos fibers, when inhaled, can cause irritation and inflammation in the respiratory tract. Symptoms may include persistent coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness.
  • Pain in the Chest or Abdomen: Asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis can cause chronic pain in the chest or abdomen. This pain may worsen over time and can be severe.
  • Difficulty Breathing: As the lungs become scarred due to prolonged exposure to asbestos fibers, breathing difficulties may develop. This can manifest as a feeling of breathlessness, especially during physical activity.
  • Persistent Fatigue: Asbestos exposure can lead to chronic fatigue and weakness, which may not improve with rest. This fatigue can significantly impact daily activities and quality of life.
  • Clubbing of Fingers and Toes: In some cases of advanced asbestosis or mesothelioma, a condition called clubbing may occur. This is characterized by the enlargement of the fingertips and the nails curving around them, resembling drumsticks.
  • Coughing up Blood: Severe lung damage caused by asbestos exposure can lead to coughing up blood, known as hemoptysis. This symptom should be taken seriously and requires immediate medical attention.
  • Weight Loss: Unintentional weight loss may occur in individuals with asbestos-related diseases. This can be due to a combination of factors such as loss of appetite, difficulty swallowing, and the body's increased metabolic demands during illness.
  • Swelling in the Neck or Face: Mesothelioma, a cancer often associated with asbestos exposure, can sometimes cause swelling in the neck or face due to the tumor pressing on blood vessels or lymph nodes.

Where Does Asbestos Exposure Occur? 

Up until the 1980s, asbestos was a very common material, used heavily in many industries throughout the United States. As a result, millions of Americans were likely exposed to asbestos.

Asbestos exposure occurred in all 50 states. Please click any state on our map to find information and a list of the cities and worksites where asbestos exposure is known to have occurred. You can also contact us directly and our legal team can help you identify those sites where you may have been exposed to asbestos. 

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Which Occupations Were Most at Risk for Asbestos Exposure?

Because asbestos was so prevalent throughout the 20th Century, countless people were exposed. Workers, in particular, whose occupations required them to work with, near, or around asbestos are most at risk of developing asbestos-related health conditions, such as asbestosis and mesothelioma. This is because asbestos fibers are more easily breathed in and/or ingested when they are disturbed. Once ingested or inhaled, those fibers become lodged in the body where they, ultimately, may cause cancer.

Additionally, asbestos fibers often landed in the hair and on the clothing of employees who worked with or near asbestos. They could then be transported back to workers’ homes, putting their families and loved ones at risk of asbestos exposure.

If you worked in any of these professions or lived with someone who did, you have a higher risk of asbestos exposure:

At SWMW Law, we help workers across all industries who have been exposed to asbestos seek justice and fair compensation for their related injuries and damages. 

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Companies That Used Asbestos

There are hundreds of companies that used asbestos, knowingly exposing their employees to its harmful effects. While they have since stopped using asbestos, the majority of these companies are still in business. 

Solvent companies can be held liable by filing lawsuits for their negligence. Companies who have since restructured through the bankruptcy process have set up trusts specifically for those who have incurred the long-term effects of asbestos exposure, and compensation can be recovered by filing a claim.

Products That Contained Asbestos

Historically, there are thousands of products that were made with asbestos. These products cover a wide range of consumer and industry categories, ranging from building materials to children’s products to insulation, electrical equipment, mechanical products, and much more. 

The dangers of asbestos have been known since the early 1900s. Yet, thousands of companies continued to design and create asbestos-containing products for decades, putting millions of people at risk. These companies negligently allowed workers and consumers to be exposed to asbestos and can now be held accountable for this wrongful conduct. 

At SWMW Law, our team has extensive experience in helping clients investigate exactly how and when they were exposed to asbestos. As you begin to explore possible jobs or places where you may have been exposed to asbestos, contact us for help. We can discuss the specifics of your situation and determine whether you may be entitled to financial compensation for your damages. We will come to you—no matter where you are in the U.S.

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