Your Rights And Legal Options

Your Rights and Legal Options

Every case is different. You need experienced asbestos attorneys that fully understand the legal issues and the unique challenges mesothelioma and lung cancer victims and their families face.

Where to Start

Successful asbestos ligation requires an attorney who understands the many facets of the case, from how people get exposed to asbestos, to what products the asbestos companies made, how they packaged and where they sold their products, to the state-by-state laws and regulations that may affect your ability to file an asbestos lawsuit, to the fragile health of all too many of our clients. Often, an asbestos lawsuit starts with a client or family wondering where or how they were exposed to asbestos when a doctor tells them their cancer was caused by exposure to asbestos. An asbestos lawyer who knows how to efficiently and effectively identify those asbestos exposures is absolutely vital to the success of an asbestos case.

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The experienced and successful attorneys at SWMW Law will come to you wherever you are in the U.S. to help you. You do not even have to leave your house to get your case started. The attorneys that will meet with you are the attorneys that will be working on your case.  SWMW Law attorneys will listen carefully to your concerns, fears, and expectations and will thoroughly answer each and every question you have while they explain the ways SWMW Law can help you and your family. The attorneys from SWMW Law will help you understand all of your options for recovering compensation and when you may be able to begin receiving some of the money you may need to cover your medical bills, keep the heat on, or pay your mortgage while you battle your cancer. In some instances, SWMW Law can immediately begin the process of recovering compensation in as little as 60 to 90 days from the day we first meet with our clients. We have a track record of success in doing so. And, in every case, SWMW Law will be there with you from File to Trial. The attorneys at SWMW Law have helped thousands of families just like yours, let us start helping you and your family. Learn how we will help.  

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What Defendants Knew

The dangers and toxicity of asbestos were well-known in the 1930s, yet asbestos companies continued using it extensively through much of the 20th century. Many of these same asbestos companies lobbied successfully to overturn EPA rules in the 1980s that banned the importation and use of asbestos.  As a result, to this day, shockingly to most, asbestos is not banned in the United States as it is in just about every other first-world country.  Asbestos companies willingly put profits ahead of the health and well-being of workers, their families, and the public.  But instead of owning up to their responsibility for sickening and killing hundreds of thousands of hard working men, women, and their innocent families, these very same companies and their insurers now spend millions trying to change laws to make it more difficult for working folks to file a lawsuit, to limit what people can recover for pain and suffering, and to buy the most crooked scientists they can find to peddle “doubt science” in an attempt to rewrite decades of settled medical and scientific opinions.  That’s why you need an experienced and aggressive asbestos lawyer that knows how to hold asbestos companies and their insurers responsible.

Damages For Your Injury

Choosing a lawyer to represent you in your asbestos case can be as important to your family’s future as selecting the right doctor to treat your mesothelioma or lung cancer. If you were exposed to asbestos and you got sick as a result, you have a right to make a claim for compensation. You and your family have a right to recover compensation for your medical bills, pharmacy bills, lost wages from lost time at work, pain and suffering, scars and disfigurement from surgery, loss of intimacy with your spouse, loss of companionship with your family members, and if you’ve lost your loved one, the wrongful death of that person. In some instances, you may even be awarded punitive damages that will serve to punish and deter the asbestos companies that injured you or your loved one, just like in this case, where we recovered $11.5 million for our client.

  • American Association for Justice
  • MATA
  • The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis

Finding the Right Asbestos Lawyer for You

You should consider several things when deciding what attorney you will hire.

  • You want to find someone with whom you feel comfortable talking because you will be discussing intimate details about your health and about where you used to work. Although your lawyer likely will know all the right questions to ask you, good communication is essential.
  • You should not restrict yourself to your community or state. It is more likely than not that your case may not get filed in the state where you currently live. Qualified asbestos attorneys are able to practice in many states and understand how best to expedite your case given your cancer prognosis.
  • You want to ask whether the firm you’re meeting with will handle your case from start to finish.  You will want to know if the firm can try your case to verdict against an asbestos company, if necessary. And unfortunately, many firms and people that you may be contacted by or see advertising for are not even lawyers. They just pass you off to the highest bidder.
  • You should not be afraid of asking what lawyers, paralegals, or staff members from the firm will work with you and your family day-in and day-out on your case. A reputable firm that takes their clients seriously will be able to tell you exactly who will be responsible for your case.
  • You may want to know when you could reasonably expect a trial date for your case. If you or your loved one has recently been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you’ll want to make sure the firm you’re choosing knows how to expedite your trial date as soon as possible.
  • You want to be skeptical of anyone that tells you when you first meet them that your case is worth millions. While a good asbestos lawyer will be able to quickly evaluate the merits of your case, making guarantees or promises on the amount you can expect is a good sign that the person you’re meeting with isn’t someone that has worked on asbestos cases from start to finish.
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