Asbestos Exposure in Washington

OilRefineryWashington is known for oil refining, power plants, and aluminum processing, all of which are notorious for using asbestos. Aluminum production requires high levels of heat, so large amounts of asbestos insulation was used throughout these facilities. Such insulating materials had a tendency to deteriorate and crumble over the years, releasing millions of asbestos fibers into the environment.

Statistics for Mesothelioma Cases in Washington

Washington ranks 9th in the US for asbestos-related deaths. There have been 1,576 deaths from mesothelioma and asbestos lung cancer between 1999 – 2013.

Filing an asbestos claim if you live in Washington

You do not have to file your claim in the state in which you live. It’s far more important to contact an attorney with a strong history of experience specifically in asbestos cases, than it is to select one who happens to be in your area of Washington. The most successful attorneys in your area may have never handled an asbestos case.

SWMW attorneys dedicate the overwhelming majority of their time and effort prosecuting mesothelioma claims, so we know which states and jurisdictions are going to provide the best outcome for your case and can get your case settled faster. We handle asbestos cases all across the USA, so we know how to file, where to file, and what to do to get you the compensation you deserve.

If you may have lived or worked in another state, select it here to learn about specific asbestos exposure in that state.

Jobsites in Washington with Known Asbestos Usage & Exposure

Provided below is a list of cities in the state of Washington where asbestos jobsites are known to have been located. If you worked for any of these companies or at these jobsites in Washington there is a possibility that you may have been exposed to harmful asbestos which is known to cause mesothelioma and lung cancer.


  • Area 11 Elementary School
  • Auburn High School
  • Austin Receiving
  • Boeing Company
  • Evergreen Heights Elementary
  • Northern Pacific Railway Company


  • Bellevue Buisness Center
  • Bellevue Junior High School
  • Mutual Materials Company
  • Saint Peters Methodist

Birch Bay

  • Atlantic Richfield


  • Bleach Plant & Digestor
  • Crown Columbia Paper Company
  • Crown Willamette Paper Company
  • Crown Zellerbach Corporation
  • Georgia Pacific Corporation
  • James River Paper Mill
  • Kraft Bleach Plant


  • Carnation Milk Products Company
  • Chet’s Wire Rope
  • Green Hills School
  • Pacific Coast Condensed Milk Company
  • State of Washington.
  • State Training School
  • Washington Oregon Corp

Cherry Point

  • INTALCO Aluminum-Cherry Point


  • Harvey Aluminum


  • Columbia Aluminum


  • Grays Harbor Mill
  • N River Senior High
  • Weyerhauser Paper Company
  • Weyerhauser Timber Company


  • Central Washington College of Education
  • Central Washington State College
  • Central Washington University
  • Ellensburg Junior High School
  • Food Facilities Warehouse
  • Holmes Dining Hall

Fort Lewis

  • D A Public Works
  • Fort Lewis Laundry
  • Pittsburgh and Midway Coal Mingin Company
  • U S Army Laundry


  • Martin-Marietta Corporation


  • Lakeside Sand & Gravel
  • Maywood Elementary School
  • Maywood High School
  • Maywood Junior High School
  • Sisters of Providence
  • The City Church
  • Washington Interscholastic Building


  • Bon Marche Store
  • Brick Yard
  • Cal-Spray
  • Chevron Chemical
  • Church Grape Juice Company
  • Phillips Pacific Chemical
  • Welch Grape Juice Company


  • Boeing Aircraft
  • Cam Industries
  • Kent Junior High
  • Liquid Air Incorporated
  • Meridian Elementary
  • Springbrook Elementary School

Medical Lake

  • Eastern State Hospital Annex
  • Hospital For Insane
  • Lakeland Village State Hospital
  • State of Washington Custodial School
  • State of Washington Lakeland Village


  • Atomic Energy Plant
  • Hanford Project Reactor
  • Northern Pacific Railway Company
  • Tidewater Shaver Asphalt Company
  • Tidewater Terminal Company

Port Townsend

  • Crown Zellerbach Corporation
  • Fibre Board Products
  • National Paper Products Company
  • Port Townsend Paper Company

Puget Sound

  • Bureau of Yards and Docks
  • Orchard Point
  • United States Naval Fuel Depot
  • United States Navy Yard


  • College of Washington
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon
  • State College of Washington
  • Warren Little & Lund
  • Wash State University
  • Washington Orton Dining Hall
  • Washington State Agricultural College
  • Washington State College
  • Washington State University


  • Joint Power Operation
  • Point Power-Simpson Paper Company
  • Rainier Pulp & Paper
  • Shelton Mill
  • Simpson Logging Company
  • Simpson Timber Company
  • Washington Correction Center


  • Abitibi
  • Boise Cascade Corporation
  • Saltars Point Elementary School
  • Stone Consolidated
  • West Tacoma Mill
  • Western Washington Hospital For The Insane


  • Fibreboard Products Company
  • Fleischmann Company
  • Sonoco Products Company
  • Standard Brands


  • Carnation Company
  • Independent Food Processors
  • Jt Mcintire Mint Farm
  • Utah Idaho Sugar Company
  • Yakima City Creamery


  • Agricultural Science Building
  • Douglas United Nuclear
  • Icoa
  • Industrial Park Building 5
  • Naval Supply Depot
  • Phillips 66
  • Spokane Ind Park Building 5
  • Spokane Industrial Park
  • S. Naval Supply Depot

Walla Walla

  • Boise Cascade Corporation
  • Continental Can Company
  • Libby, Mcneill and Libby
  • Northwestern Gas and Electric Company
  • State of Wash, Department of Public Institutions
  • Terminal Ice & Cold Storage
  • Washington State Penitentiary
  • Whitman College


  • Boise Cascade Corporation
  • Cascade Kraft Corporation


  • Bronson Residence
  • Chinook Hotel
  • Granger Clay Products
  • John I Haas
  • Pacific Power and Light Company
  • People’s Store
  • Elizabeth Hospital
  • Weber Chevrolet Company