Asbestos Exposure in Minnesota

IronMines-MinnesotaMinnesota has a significant iron ore industry. Excavating and processing raw ore is a dusty job that can expose Minnesota workers to harmful suspended particles, including silica dust and airborne asbestos fibers.

The majority of reported mesothelioma incidences occur in the mining industry, where asbestos was widely used in machinery and protective equipment.

Unfortunately, many of the families of workers at the sites (listed below) also have an increased risk of developing cancer because of the asbestos fibers that were carried home on the body and clothing of those workers.

Statistics for Mesothelioma Cases in Minnesota

Minnesota ranks 14th in the US for asbestos-related deaths. There have been 981 deaths from mesothelioma and asbestos lung cancer between 1999 – 2013.

Filing an asbestos claim if you live in Minnesota

You do not have to file your claim in the state in which you live. It’s far more important to contact an attorney with a strong history of experience specifically in asbestos cases, than it is to select one who happens to be in your area of Minnesota. The most successful attorneys in your area may have never handled an asbestos case.

SWMW attorneys dedicate the overwhelming majority of their time and effort prosecuting mesothelioma claims, so we know which states and jurisdictions are going to provide the best outcome for your case and can get your case settled faster. We handle asbestos cases all across the USA, so we know how to file, where to file, and what to do to get you the compensation you deserve.

If you may have lived or worked in another state, select it here to learn about specific asbestos exposure in that state.

Jobsites in Minnesota with Known Asbestos Usage & Exposure

Provided below is a list of cities in the state of Minnesota where asbestos jobsites are known to have been located. If you worked for any of these companies or at these jobsites in Minnesota, there is a possibility that you may have been exposed to harmful asbestos which is known to cause mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Albert Lea

  • Albert Lea Courthouse
  • Interstate Power Company
  • Southern Minnesota Gas and Elec Company
  • Wilson & Company Inc


  • Aurora Steam Electric Plant
  • Bethlehem Steel
  • Dow Chemical Company
  • Erie Mining Company
  • Linde Air Products Company
  • Minnesota Power & Light


  • Austin Municipal Power Plant
  • Austin Utilities Northeast
  • Board of Water Electric & Gas
  • City of Austin Utilities
  • Fuel Economy Engineering Company
  • A. Homiel and Company


  • Anderson Corp
  • King Power Plant
  • Minnesota State Correctional Facility
  • Northern States Power Company


  • Becker Sherco Power Plant
  • Northern States Power Company
  • Sherburne County Power Station
  • Sherco Power Plant


  • Carley Foundry, Inc.


  • Northern Pacific Railroad Company
  • Northwestern Paper Company
  • Potlatch Corporation The Northwest Paper Company Div
  • Wausau Paper Company


  • Black Dog Generating Plant
  • Northern States Power Company
  • Xcel Energy


  • Conwed Corporation
  • Diamond Match Div
  • Northwest Paper Company
  • Potlatch Corporation
  • D. Warren Company
  • Sappi Fine Paper
  • Usg Interiors
  • Wood Conversion Company


  • Clay Boswell Power Station
  • Minnesota Power & Light Company

Elk River

  • Elk River Power Plant
  • Great River Energy Cooperative
  • Rural Co-Op Power Association

Fergus Falls

  • Dairy Farmers of America
  • Fergus Falls Dairy
  • Fergus Falls Hospital
  • Hoot Lake Power Plant
  • Ottertail Power Company

Grand Rapids

  • Blandin Paper Company
  • Flament-Hampshire, Inc.
  • Itasca Paper Company
  • Western Mining


  • Hastings State Hospital
  • Koch Petroleum Minnesota
  • Koch Refining Company
  • N-Ren
  • Pine Bend Ammonia
  • Regina Hospital
  • Smeads Plant


  • Allis Chalmers Manufacturing Company
  • Charter Inc
  • Hibbing Public Utilities
  • Mechanical Construction Corporation
  • Public Utilities Commission
  • Rogers Brocon Iron Company

Hoyt Lakes

  • Erie Mining Company
  • Hoyt Lakes Power Plant
  • J&L Steel
  • Ltv Steel Mining Company


International Falls

  • Boise Cascade International
  • Boise Cascade Paper Mill
  • Minnesota and Ontario Power Company


  • General Electric Company
  • Hoechst Celanese
  • Monticello Nuclear Power Plant
  • Monticello Nuclear Power Plant
  • Northern States Power


  • H. Bennett Company
  • Anheuser Busch Inc
  • Busch Agricultural Resources
  • Fargo-Moorhead Insulation Company
  • Moorhead Power Plant

New Brighton

  • Trussbilt

New Ulm

  • Altria Corporate Services, Incorporated
  • Dart & Kraft
  • Eagle Roller Mill
  • Kraft Foods Company
  • Municipal Light and Power Plant
  • New Ulm Public Utility Comm
  • Power Service Corporation


  • Big Stone Lake Plant


  • Municipal Power Plant
  • Owatonna Electric Company
  • Owatonna Power Plant
  • Owatonna Public Utilities
  • Pillsbury Academy

Pine Bend

  • Asbestos Products, Inc.
  • Great Northern Oil Company
  • Koch Refining Company
  • Pine Bend Oil Refinery

Red Wing

  • Prairie Island

Saint Cloud

  • Monumental Sales
  • Northern States Power Company
  • Cloud College
  • Cloud Power House
  • Stovall By Products Company
  • Veterans Hospital
  • Vocational Technical High School

Saint Paul Park

  • Marathon Refinery Minnesota


  • Champion International Corporation
  • International Paper
  • Sartell Paper Company
  • Regis Paper Company
  • Watab Pulp and Paper Company

Silver Bay

  • Cyprus North Shore Mining
  • Hunkin, Arundal, Dixon
  • Keuttle & Sons
  • Lakeside Project Power Plant
  • Reserve Mining Company
  • Silver Bay Power


  • Allen S King Station
  • Consumers Powr Company
  • Minnesota State Prison
  • Northern States Power
  • Stillwater State Prison


  • City of Virginia Water & Light Commission
  • Mesaba Railway Company
  • Modern Plumbing & Heating
  • Oliver Iron Mining Division
  • Pohaki Lumber Company
  • Shoppe Plumbing & Heating Company
  • Staver Foundry
  • U S Steel Ore Operations


  • Municipal Power Plant
  • Willmar Hospital
  • Willmar Mun Utility Comm
  • Willmar Municipal Power Plant
  • Willmar Municipal Utilities


  • Conoco Oil Refinery
  • International Oil Refineries, Inc.
  • Wrenshall Refinery