Asbestos Exposure in Virginia

power-plant-FloridaVirginians are at risk to asbestos exposure from both the natural environment and industry. A naturally occurring material found in the Appalachian Mountains caused a risk of asbestos through flying debris. Virginia is also home to industries such as ship yards, power plants, oil refineries, and chemical laboratories which are notorious for asbestos use.

Statistics for Mesothelioma Cases in Virginia

Virginia ranks 11th in the US for asbestos-related deaths. There have been 1,077 deaths from mesothelioma and asbestos lung cancer between 1999 – 2013.

Filing an asbestos claim if you live in Virginia

You do not have to file your claim in the state in which you live. It’s far more important to contact an attorney with a strong history of experience specifically in asbestos cases, than it is to select one who happens to be in your area of Virginia. The most successful attorneys in your area may have never handled an asbestos case.

SWMW attorneys dedicate the overwhelming majority of their time and effort prosecuting mesothelioma claims, so we know which states and jurisdictions are going to provide the best outcome for your case and can get your case settled faster. We handle asbestos cases all across the USA, so we know how to file, where to file, and what to do to get you the compensation you deserve.

If you may have lived or worked in another state, select it here to learn about specific asbestos exposure in that state.

Jobsites in Virginia with Known Asbestos Usage & Exposure

Provided below is a list of cities in the state of Virginia where asbestos jobsites are known to have been located. If you worked for any of these companies or at these jobsites in Virginia there is a possibility that you may have been exposed to harmful asbestos which is known to cause mesothelioma and lung cancer.


  • Burlington Industries, Inc.
  • Dominion Energy Inc
  • Klopman Mills
  • G. and E. Westmoreland
  • Lane Company, Inc.
  • Ross Laboratories
  • Ultrasystems/Altavista


  • American Oil Company
  • Virginia Electric & Power Company

Bermuda Hundred

  • American Tobacco Company
  • Brown and Williamson
  • Hurstbourne Highrise Office Building
  • Hydronautics Incorporated
  • C. Plant

Big Island

  • Bedford Pulp and Paper Company
  • Big Island Paper Mill
  • Georgia Pacific Corporation
  • National Container Corp of Virginia
  • Owens-Illinois Glass Company
  • Owens‐Illinois Paper Mill
  • Owens-Illinois, Incorporated


  • Blacksburg Insulation
  • Corning Glass Works
  • Radford College
  • P.I. Dining Hall
  • P.I. Home Economics Building
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Bremo Bluff

  • Bremo Bluff Power Station
  • Dominion Resources
  • Dominion Virginia Power
  • Vepco, Bremo Power Station
  • Virginia Electric & Power Company
  • Virginia Power and Light Company


  • Bristol Memorial Hospital
  • Columbian Paper Company
  • Dealers Warehouse
  • Electric Transmission Company
  • Paty Lbr. Company, Inc.
  • Valley Dale Packing Company
  • Virginia Iron, Coal, and Coke Company

Buena Vista

  • Allegheny Ore and Iron Company
  • Buena Vista Fire Clay Company
  • Dickinson Fire Brick Company
  • Plant of A O and I Company
  • Reeves Brothers Inc
  • Ultrasystems


  • Appalachian Electric Power Company
  • Clinch River Plant


  • Charlottesville and Albermarle Railway Company
  • Institute of Textile Technology
  • Martha Jefferson Hospital
  • North Site Junior High School
  • O’Ferral, Incorporated
  • University of Virginia
  • Williams residence


  • Dominion Virginia Power
  • Vepco, Portsmouth Power Station
  • Virginia Electric, Portsmouth Power Station
  • Volvo of America Corp


  • American Tobacco
  • Brown and Williamson Tobacco
  • Chesterfield Power Sta
  • Honeywell International
  • Philip Morris Usa
  • Vepco, Chesterfield Power Station
  • Virginia Electric & Power Company


  • Allied Chemical Corporation
  • Chesterfield Power Sta Nbr 5
  • Dutch Gap Powerhouse
  • I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company
  • Ed Turner Excavating
  • Honeywell

Clifton Forge

  • C & O Railroad
  • Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad
  • General Electric
  • Gladys Inn Hotel
  • M.C.A. Clifton Forge


  • Covington Paper Mill
  • Frank Lyman
  • Hercules, Inc.
  • Low Moor Iron Company of Ca
  • Virginia Pulp and Paper
  • West Virginia Pulp & Paper Company
  • Westvaco Plant


  • Atlantic Richfield – Cockpit Point
  • Possum Point Power Station
  • Virginia Electric Power Company

Dutch Gap

  • Chesterfield Power Sta Nbr 5
  • Dutch Gap
  • Virginia Electric & Power Company


  • Ashleigh Condominiums
  • C & P Telephone
  • Fairfax County Hospital
  • Fairfax Hospital
  • Melpar Office Building
  • Springfield Mall

Front Royal

  • American Viscose Corporation
  • Fmc Corporation
  • General Chemical Company


  • Burlington Mills
  • Carnation Company
  • Hanes Corporation
  • Ray Alderman’s residence
  • Vaughan Bassett Furniture Company

Glen Lyn

  • American Electric Power Company
  • Appalachian Power Company
  • Glen Lyn Plant


  • Madison College


  • Davis Iron and Metals
  • Department of Corrections, D.C.
  • District of Columbia Government
  • Fairfax City Water Authority
  • Lorton Detention Center


  • Bassett Walker Company
  • Dupont Chemical
  • I. Du Pont De Nemours
  • Fibreboard Container Company
  • Martinsville General Hospital
  • Walker Knitting Company


  • Appalachian Electric Power Company
  • Celanese Acetate
  • Celanese Corp of America
  • Celanese Fibers Company
  • Foster Wheeler Company


  • Norfolk Naval Shipyard


  • Hercules Power Company, Inc.
  • Radford Ammunition Army Arsenal
  • Radford Army Amt Plant


  • British American Tobacco Company Ltd
  • Brown & Williamson Tobacco
  • Federal Correctional Institute
  • Federal Reformatory
  • Hexagon Lee Laboratories
  • Petersburg Central Hospital
  • River Street Siding
  • Virginia State College


  • American Pigment
  • General Chemical Company
  • Pulaski Iron Company
  • Pulaski Mining Company
  • Radio Corp of America


  • Emergency Fleet Corporation
  • Marine Corps Base Quantico
  • Potemac Shipbuilding Company
  • Trimont Dredging Company
  • S. Marines Corps.
  • United States Marine Barracks


  • Hydrozine Facilities
  • Mathieson Alkali Works Inc
  • Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation


  • Bodley Wagon Company
  • L. Baugher
  • Western State Hospital
  • Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company


  • Planters Div of Standard Brands, Inc.
  • Planters Nuts and Chocolate
  • Portsmouth, Berkley and Suffolk Water Company
  • Smithfield Packing Company


  • Keene Corp – Hogge Island
  • Stone & Webster
  • Surry Nuclear Power Station
  • Surry Power Station
  • Vepco, Surry Power Station
  • Virginia Electric and Power
  • Westinghouse Electric

Virginia Beach

  • Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek


  • Crompton Shenandoah Company
  • Crompton Textile Plant
  • Dupont Rayon Company
  • I.Dupont Denemours & Company
  • General Electric Control Plant
  • Invista, S.A.R.L.
  • Waynesboro Plant

West Point

  • Albemarle-Chesapeake Company Inc.
  • Chesapeake Albemarle Corporation
  • Mcwilliams and Company
  • Saint Laurent Paper
  • Smurfit Stone Container
  • The Chesapeake Corporation of Virginia


  • Afeta Camp Peary
  • Anheuser Busch Brewery
  • College of William and Mary
  • Monticello Shopping Center
  • I. C. A. – Colonial Williamsburg
  • William and Mary College
  • Williamsburg Conference Center
  • Williamsburg Lodge
  • Williamsburg Restoration


  • B & C Baking Corporation
  • Brown & Cocharn Baking Company
  • Glaize Brothers
  • Osullivan Corporation
  • San Juan Sugar Corpor
  • Wnchester Washngton City Railway Company