Asbestos Exposure in Utah

OilRefineryMining and oil refineries pose the biggest threat of asbestos exposure in Utah. Many of the oil refineries in Utah are located in or near cities with high populations.

Statistics for Mesothelioma Cases in Utah

Utah ranks 33rd in the US for asbestos-related deaths. There have been 272 deaths from mesothelioma and asbestos lung cancer between 1999 – 2013.

Filing an asbestos claim if you live in Utah

You do not have to file your claim in the state in which you live. It’s far more important to contact an attorney with a strong history of experience specifically in asbestos cases, than it is to select one who happens to be in your area of Utah. The most successful attorneys in your area may have never handled an asbestos case.

SWMW attorneys dedicate the overwhelming majority of their time and effort prosecuting mesothelioma claims, so we know which states and jurisdictions are going to provide the best outcome for your case and can get your case settled faster. We handle asbestos cases all across the USA, so we know how to file, where to file, and what to do to get you the compensation you deserve.

If you may have lived or worked in another state, select it here to learn about specific asbestos exposure in that state.

Jobsites in Utah with Known Asbestos Usage & Exposure

Provided below is a list of cities in the state of Utah where asbestos jobsites are known to have been located. If you worked for any of these companies or at these jobsites in Utah there is a possibility that you may have been exposed to harmful asbestos which is known to cause mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Bingham Junction

  • Bingham Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company
  • Bingham Copper and Gold Mining Company
  • Bingham Junction
  • U S Stores Company
  • United States Smelting Company


  • Intermountain Power Agency
  • Intermountain Power Plant


  • American Smelting & Refining Company
  • Calera Mining Company
  • Garfield Smelting Company
  • Kennecott Copper Company
  • Shelby Smelting and Lead Company
  • Stauffer Chemical
  • Utah Copper Company


  • Columbia Geneva Steel
  • Columbia Steel Company
  • Geneva Steel Company
  • Geneva Works
  • S. Steel Corporation
  • United States Steel Corporation


  • Hercules Power Company, Inc.
  • Kennecott Copper Corporation
  • Kennecott Minerals Company
  • Kennecott Utah Copper
  • Magna Water & Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Utah Copper Company

Park City

  • Daly West Mining Company
  • Day Judge Mug Company
  • Empire Mining Company
  • Little Bell Consolidated Mining Company

Salt Lake City 

  • Northgate Business Center
  • Steiner Corporation
  • Tesoro Refining Marketing
  • West One Bank
  • Whittier Elementary

Woods Cross

  • Inland Refining
  • Phillips Petroleu