Every day, the SWMW Law team is passionately driven to help people harmed by asbestos and other dangerous products.

From asbestos to harmful drugs to deadly herbicides, our experienced team has dedicated themselves to holding corporations accountable for the pain and suffering they have caused. We’ve recovered more than $500 million for thousands of hard-working families like yours, who were the victims of companies putting profits over people.

We’ll fight to get justice for you and your family as quickly as possible. And we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Because People Matter.

At SWMW Law, a partner stays involved in your case from start to finish.

Our skilled, caring team of professionals will be driven to get you and your family the justice you deserve. We'll always be available to answer questions and keep you informed as your case progresses.

For many of our clients, this is the first interaction they’ve had with attorneys or the legal process. We strive to do everything we can to help them through a difficult time that shouldn’t have been their burden in the first place. We do all the work so our clients can focus on their health and their families.

We see clients as people, not cases. Every family we help has a unique story, and deserves to have it heard. We built SWMW Law with the mission to fight tirelessly for justice, while treating our clients with care and compassion. Because we believe you and your family matter.


From Our Clients

"Ben, I want to thank you and everyone else that helped Ken, and also thank you for the beautiful flowers & donation. I just don’t know what Ken & I would of done if it wasn’t for you and your firm."

Janet L. and Family



From Our Clients

"Ben is a man that I trust, respect and want to represent me and my family. Down to earth person, confident, knowledgeable and someone not to be pushed around. Very pleased with the work he did for me and my family and owe him a great gratitude for his help."

Jim has since referred two friends with mesothelioma to SWMW.

Jim A.



From Our Clients

"I’m grateful I found SWMW Law, and not just because of the great result they got for me and my family. They truly listened and understood how the accident had affected our lives, and earned our trust with their determination, plain honesty and good judgment."




From Our Clients

"Ryan, it was really appreciated. It was good to see you and get to visit. I appreciate all that you are doing for Glenn and myself. He always appreciated you coming to Oregon to meet with him. Thank you for making my journey this past year easier."



Ray G.

From Our Clients

"From our first meeting, I knew we were in good hands with SWMW Law. Their knowledge of my situation, the hustle to get things moving and the protection of my privacy were outstanding. Everyone was so helpful. Thank you, SWMW Law."

Ray G.


Our Process


We investigate your case, gathering important evidence


We file the case on your behalf


We keep you updated and answer questions


We get justice for you and your family

Teamwork is an important part of why SWMW Law has been able to help so many families. This collaborative approach comes to us naturally, because we’re all passionate about doing the right thing for our clients. When we take on a case, we’re working for people we’ve come to know and really care about. We know what’s at stake for them.

From day one, we put each area of our legal team to work in the areas in which they specifically excel, to ensure we get a resolution to your case as quickly as we can. Our medical department will gather supporting medical information and coordinate expert reports. Our lawyers and paralegals will work to file your complaint quickly, usually within two weeks. They’ll also dig into how you were injured, who’s responsible, and then craft the legal arguments to maximize your compensation.