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Recent Results for our Clients

Results matter.  Every exposure counts.  Every case is unique.  At SWMW Law, we are singularly dedicated to maximizing recovery for our clients for their asbestos exposures and we work overtime to identify those exposures.  The information below is not a guarantee that your case is worth a certain amount, but just a general snapshot of the verdicts, settlements, and bankruptcy trust claims that we are processing for some of our recent clients.  If you’d like to know more about the potential compensation you may be entitled to recover for your diagnosis with asbestos-related cancer, contact us here or at (877) 205-4250.

Verdicts & Settlements Exposure Case Type State of Exposure/ Residence
$11.5 million verdict Navy Machinist Mate and Welder Mesothelioma  VA
 $6 million verdict Plumber/Pipefitter Mesothelioma VA, MD, DC
$2,950,000 Electrician and Heavy Equipment/
Auto Mechanic
Mesothelioma MO
 $2,350,000 Carpenter and Bricklayer Mesothelioma PA, FL
 $2,115,000 Drywall/Construction Worker Mesothelioma MN
 $1,950,000 Laborer, Lab Worker and HVAC Sheetmetal Worker Mesothelioma TX
 $1,940,000 Take-home Exposure from Mechanic
Husband & Father
Mesothelioma MO
 $1,875,000  Electrician, Plumber and Mechanic Mesothelioma CA, FL, UT
 $1,850,000 Pipefitter Mesothelioma TN
 $1,840,000 HVAC/Furnace Laborer Mesothelioma MI
 $1,800,000 Laborer and Construction Worker Mesothelioma CA, TX
 $1,735,000 Sheetmetal Worker Mesothelioma MO
 $1,610,000 Construction Worker and Take-Home
Exposure from Construction Worker
Mesothelioma TX
 $1,580,000 Laborer and Mechanic Mesothelioma MO
 $1,565,000 Heavy Equipment/Tractor-trailer/Barge Mechanic Mesothelioma MS, TN, TX
 $1,555,000 Electrician Mesothelioma CO
$1,320,000 Ironworker Mesothelioma IN
$1,250,000 Laborer Mesothelioma IL
 $1,175,000 Welder and Heavy Equipment/ Auto
Mesothelioma KS, MO
 $1,100,000 Navy Machinist Mate and Union Insulator Lung Cancer TX