How and Where You Were Exposed to Asbestos

Up until the 1980’s, asbestos was a very common material, used heavily in many industries. If you worked in any of these professions, or lived with someone who did, you have a higher risk of asbestos exposure:

  • Shipbuilders
  • Construction and building workers
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers and pipe fitters
  • Insulators
  • Automotive Mechanics
  • Firefighters
  • Textile workers
  • Roofers
  • Naval servicemen
  • Railroad workers

Asbestos Exposure Occurred in All 50 States

Between the 1950s and the 1980s, just about every home, school, and workplace in every city, town, and village contained some sort of asbestos material. We can work with you to help identify the asbestos in the worksites where you worked and the schools where you learned. Many of these sites have been sites where prior clients and employees were exposed to asbestos. Please click any state on our map to find information and a list of the cities and worksites where asbestos exposure was known to have occurred. Or, call our office or contact us and we will help you identify those sites where you may have been exposed to asbestos.

Companies That Used Asbestos

There are hundreds of companies that used asbestos, knowingly exposing their employees to the harmful effects caused by it. While they have since stopped using asbestos, the majority of these companies are still in business. Solvent companies can be held liable by filing lawsuits for their negligence. Companies who have since restructured through the bankruptcy process have set up trusts specifically for those who have incurred the long-term effects of asbestos exposure, and compensation can be recovered by filing a claim.

For a listing of many of these companies, click here (printer-friendly version).

Products That Contained Asbestos

There are thousands of products from many different industry categories that were made with asbestos. Manufacturing companies were negligent in exposing people, especially their employees to asbestos. To see a list of products, click here.

SWMW’s lawyers specialize in helping clients investigate exactly how and when they were exposed. As you begin to explore possible jobs or places you may have been exposed to asbestos, call us or contact us online for help. We will come to you – no matter where you are in the U.S.